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Sunday, October 16, 2011

West on the I-70

Sunday a.m.
We finally decided to continue to travel west on the I-70 through Saint Louis on towards Kansas City. But unlike previous years we are taking it easy. Our first campground choice is 150 miles away our second is 250 miles away. So we'll see where we end up. Both are this side (east) of Kansas City.
Today will be a nice day and hopefully the winds won't be bad. So far it is quiet out. Tomorrow there is a prediction for rain.
Boo Hoo! My favorite driver #18  Kyle Busch came in 2nd last night - he started last and lead the most laps so guess it was an okay night - but he is still 18 points behind the leader.
Actually fixed dinner last night - good chicken (cooked with Italian Dressing and Lemon Juice) and angle hair pasta with butter and garlic. We did eat off paper plates though -ugh!
This is a whole new way of travel for us [if we do it] starting late and not going too far.

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