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Monday, October 17, 2011

Cold Wet Weather

Monday a.m.
Got cold here last night – heater was off and on all night. Why is it so cold in October? Now that’s it morning and we are up and about and using different things: microwave etc. the power keeps going off. So finally switched the main heater from electric to propane.
Maybe we’ll go to WalMart today and pick up some long johns.
According to the weather reports it is supposed to rain today – so we are staying put. Sky looks clear though.
Once we get to Kansas City we need to make up our minds which direction we are going to take west, south, south west? Lots of choices.

Monday afternoon
Just after writing the above we went out to WalMart and to breakfast. Got some groceries and an electric blanket! It is getting colder and colder here. So tonight we shouldn’t need the heater.
While we were in WalMart it started to pour. Just after we got into the car there was a bolt of lightening and an instantaneous clap of thunder. Scared the heck out of us. The Jeep shook.
Came back to Alfie and put stuff away, put blanket on bed and settled in to spend the afternoon reading. I downloaded a book from the library to read. For some reason I can’t get it to transfer to the nook, so will have to read it on the laptop. Can’t beat the price.
It is raining on and off. By tomorrow it should be clear.

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