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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old Town Visit

Thursday a.m. -  news from a couple of days ago
I have to tell a story on myself. The other nite I went to bed after Bill was asleep. So I tiptoed to the bed pulled the covers down and climbed in. Before he went to sleep I had turned the blanket on. Any way very early in the morning – way before it got light out I woke up. I was warm enough but I wondered why it didn’t feel like I had the covers over me. No weight there. Finally it dawned on me. I was sleeping on top of the sheet and blanket and only under the bedspread. Dah….So I snuggled under the blanket and sheet and went back to sleep till it got light out. From now on I’m turning them down before the lights are out.
Fixed a good dinner last night. Skinless chicken breasts with onions, artichokes and broccoli cooked in lemon and Italian dressing. Yum. And angel hair pasta with a creamy sauce. Turned out pretty good after a long day.
So back to Tuesday. The promised rain and wind didn’t come so we set out to do a few things. A view of Albuquerque from Nine Mile Hill.
Saw this gas station – Unleaded for $2.99 – first time I’ve seen gas under $3 in a long time – and we didn’t need any….
Crossed the Rio Grande – always surprises me that it is in other places except the Texas/Mexican border. The trees are a pretty yellow.
First we  went to WalMart – had to get a new DVD player and a few grocery type things. And a Tom Clancy book. Then we went to Old Town Albuquerque. Unfortunately the parking lot we went into charged $5.00 – a little steep I think. Especially as we didn’t spend a whole lot of time there – I was kind of disappointed – too commercial now. Shop after shop selling the same things.
Liked the old Church – San Felipe de Neri – This building is from 1793. The original church is from 1706. The church is in the shape of a cross and is constructed of adobe. The walls are five feet thick. The convent is next to it and is now a museum/gift shop. A couple of pictures of it.

The rectory. It has a new tin roof.
Some of the shops across the street.
A bench that was pretty neat.
Chiles hanging on the balcony.
Then back to Alfie as the weather started to turn.
This morning - Thursday - Here in Arizona it looks like it will be a beautiful but cool day. The campground is so green, guess they had a some rain the last few weeks. Only have 30amps though. Have to use propane to run the heater - glad the tank was full.
More later today.

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