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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Visiting Jerome, AZ

Sunday a.m.
Didn’t get this posted last night – my book was calling to me. So now it’s Sunday morning. Because we are in Pacific Time my NASCAR is already on the tube. So will be watching half the day – at least until after the cup race is over. But will catch up posting and do laundry to while watching TV to make use of my time.
Had to replace the ink in our printer – guess if you don’t use it for a couple of years the ink dries up. Hummm….. Then of course since we were out we had to go to the grocery store. We went to Frys in Cottonwood – it is part of the Kroger chain so got sale prices on our purchases – one of which happened to be Häagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream. It is so good. Bought a roasted chicken for early dinner. They’re pretty good.
Saturday p.m.
Up bright and early – I’ve got to adjust to the time changes. Funny thing is I don’t go to sleep any earlier – just wake up earlier. This morning I thought “Oh Ho- I’ll watch the NASCAR sprint cars – cause of rain yesterday they would be out on the tract early this a.m. like 8:30 eastern time” – But it was still raining there and they weren’t running. So ended up reading till the sun came out.
A picture of us in the campground with one of the other Alfas across from us.
We went out to breakfast before setting off this morning. Ate at Georgies Café again. Again very good and very inexpensive.
Then up the hill to visit the semi ghost town of Jerome. Call it the Mile High City.
Actually it seems to be growing over the years. The first time we went through there was around 1972 in our 24’ motorhome with all our kids. The memorable thing about the visit was it was at night – we didn’t mean to go there – it was winter and the roads were worse then. This is the town.

Now the drive seems like nothing – in a car, in the daylight and with better roads. Just one of the homes built up on the hills. The town suffered several fires and was rebuilt again and again. The blasting from the mining caused several buildings to slip down hill too.
The old theater – it is being restored little by little
One of the walls inside – it is now a shop in the front.
Inside it – Me and Elvis
The old projector
This is the Connor Hotel it was built originally in 1898, but burned down twice and had to be rebuilt. The rooms rented for $1 per night! The foundations were made of stone quarried for the nearby hills and the brick was made in Cottonwood.
The first floor of the hotel is now mostly shops and a winery tasting room. I was interested in the ceilings – Larger squares of molded metal in gold finish.
This one has a silver finish. I’ve always liked that look.
This church sits way up on the hill above downtown. Luckily it hasn’t slide down the hill.
Just a view out over the valley.
Looking up the street towards the theater and the hotel.
Walking down one of the streets – wonder what it used to be?
And this was around the corner. Looks like it is thinking about slipping down the hill.
Walked around a bit more just enjoying the atmosphere but not the altitude. Bill is still  not back in the shape he was a year ago. And my sitting around most of the summer has drained me too. We need to do more walking – not less.
Bill has fixed breakfast so better stop and eat.

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