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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Begining of our Winter Trip

Friday p.m.
We are on our way! Have gone 190 miles to Mulberry Grove, Illinois. Staying here for two nights. But to go back to this morning.
The morning we start a trip we are both usually up early – but this morning was ridiculous. Bill got up about 4:30 – I turned over and ignored him. But didn’t go back to sleep – I wondered what he was doing. Suddenly I smelled garlic? Garlic at 5 a.m.? So of course I had to get up and check it out. But before I went out to the kitchen I got dressed thinking Bill was up to stay – after all he was eating. Fixed himself some garlic toast and tomatoes. I fixed my coffee and then couldn’t find him – HE WENT back to BED! – I was dressed! What was he doing? Oh well. So I  crawled back in bed too – dressed. After about ½ hour of twisting and turning I got up. Went upstairs to the computer and posted the last update. It was just getting light out when I came back down stairs. Threw some corn out for the deer and took this picture.
Then started taking the stuff out of the refrigerator and all the little odds and ends that still needed to be done.  He came roaming out again about 9:00.
By 10:00 we were ready to leave. Notice all the leaves on the ground.
I followed him in Willie to a wide spot in the road where we could hook up. Our stretch of road by the house is too narrow and twisty and turny to hook the Alfa up at home.
Down through town we went.
Wainting for their wives on the benches
Already a lot of people there.
With the rain yesterday and the wind today I’m afraid the leaves are about done for this year. But we did see this beautiful tree along the road.
We followed the two lane State Road 46 through Bloomington and its never ending construction (has been under construction right through town ever since we’ve lived in this area – good job security I guess.)
Very, very wind drive the whole day. Blowing us around like we were a sail boat. We picked up I-70 just east of Terra Haute – more construction. And still lots and lots of wind. It was so windy that even the little ponds had white caps!
Crossed into Illinois
Then on to Effingham (don’t you love the name of that town?) where we stopped at the Flying J to gas up and fill up. That was a mistake. We usually eat at the TA there but this time because we were already at Flying J we ate at Dennys. If you are ever in that area DO NOT eat there. I had a BLT and they even managed to screw that up. It was not good. Bill had a Philly Steak Sandwich and only ate it because he was so hungry. Lesson learned.
Continued west – I know I have posted pictures of this cross before but I find it so amazing I can’t resist posting again. It is in Effingham - it's not a real good picture - need to clean the windshield I guess.
About 50 miles further down the road we stopped for the day. In a little place called Mulberry Grove. Nice campground. 50 amps and clear view of sky so we could get the satellite up and working – Hooray!!! It was a fight but I won. We will stay here tonight and tomorrow night – as tomorrow is still supposed to be windy. No sense fighting it we aren’t in a hurry.
In a little bit the Nationwide Race will be on and I’ll watch it. Kyle is racing in it.
Now to kick back and relax a bit. Boy since I start this the wind has really picked up again. Rock and Roll.

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