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Friday, October 14, 2011

On The Road Again - I Hope

Really early out - no sun yet. Have been up for quite some time. Bill got up about 4:30 and was wandering around fixing himself something to eat?!? So I thought he was up to stay. I got up got dressed and just as I walked out to the kitchen he was heading back to bed. What the heck? I tried laying down for a while but got antsy and got up. The refrig needed to be emptied (everything from it is now in bags waiting to be trucked out to Alfie) and cleaned - why don't I keep it  up through the months? Guess I just don't see it until it is empty. 
I think we have everything we need or want loaded. But I'm sure we'll discover something we forgot - just hope it isn't anything important. I have a checklist that we use when we leave and almost everything is already checked off.
Yesterday rained off and on all day. And today is supposed to be clear with the rain already east of us. BUT it is supposed to be windy - not sure how windy - it will be coming from the north west - right on our right side. Ugh. Not going too far today - just about 190 miles. From here to Terra Haute it will be a smaller two lane road, from there on we'll be on the I-70.
Hopefully the satellite was reinstalled correctly after the roof was put on. If so I'll post tonight about todays adventures. We will probably be staying tonight and tomorrow night in one place. Want to make sure The Driver - or Bill as he wants to be called from now on - doesn't over do it to begin with. Beside I want to see the races tonight and tomorrow. Maybe this year we really will go only 200 or less miles a day.
So for now - signing off. Need to unplug the computer so all the winter black outs doesn't fry it.
Talk to you tonight. I hope.

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