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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lots of Company - Human and Animal

Sunday a.m.

Going to be another beautiful day here. Yesterday was just perfect. Had company early afternoon. Our friends from Columbus came over to visit – and to bring us some bags of corn – hadn’t had any for a couple of days and Bill still isn’t supposed to lift anything so heavy. Then we got a phone call that a friend from the Women’s RV forum had made it to town so we went down and guided her through the hills up to the house. Getting through town was a long drawn out process. Full, full, full of tourist – walking, in cars and on motorcycles. All the townspeople who had enough room in their yards had “Park Here” signs up for any where from $2 to $5. Glad to see the business it has been a long slow summer.
Any way we met Tina in the McDonalds lot and came the long way home – easier driving road. So she’s parked out front – with Alfie still in the shop (He comes home tomorrow) there is plenty of room out front. We visited all afternoon and evening with dinner of ravioli in between. Sat out on the back porch and watched all the deer chow down on the corn. There were about six of them out there. Every once in a while they’d look up at us but they kept eating.

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