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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas in One Day

Wednesday p.m.
It is WARM!! We even have the door open! So nice – but it is a false feeling – as it will be down into the high 30s again tonight. Electric blanket time again.
Left the Kansas campground around 9:30 – had the heater on again to warm things up. Got back on the Turnpike for a few miles $1.65. It was a really nice road all the way and not that expensive. So far we’ve gone 1031 miles.
Into Oklahoma – They need a better sign. Almost missed this one.
Not much change in scenery. Lots of open land with few trees on it. At least until Oklahoma City the wind was at our back. Stopped at a Flying J to diesel up – and they didn’t have a restaurant -  We’re getting almost 8 mpg. Not too bad considering how loaded we are.
Through Oklahoma City the roads were pretty good. But the minute we got on the I-40 they were terrible – until about 30 miles west of the City. After that the I-40 was pretty good. Our original plan was to stop just west of Oklahoma City at a one of two KOAs As we approached the first one we decided we didn’t want to stop yet. So on to the 2nd one – about half way there my memory got jogged – we stopped at it last year in Jennie and there was no one in the office – just a note “ find a place to park.” And we drove around it and didn’t find a place where we could pull through and put up the satellite. Lovely – maybe it got better over the year. Nope it didn’t – so drove through again this year and ended up leaving. In case you’re wondering it is the Elk City/Clinton KOA – don’t go there.  So one we went. Stopped at another campground in Elk City – again no one in office and again no spot with clear view of southern sky. Left it and stopped at a McDonalds for our delayed lunch. There was a big shopping center parking lot next to it so made for easy in and out.
On down the road…Into Texas
We finally stopped [301 miles later] in Shamrock, TX – nice campground lots of space. Called West 40 RV Park.
To get to it we got to drive down about three miles on the old Route 66.  
Sure was a narrow road. Glad we didn't meet any one coming the other way.
Not much in the way of scenery to take pictures of. Or to talk about. Saw some cows, oil pumps, wind farms and cotton fields.
Just want to mention that Alfie is performing perfectly. Everything is working great and the ride is great and the living conditions are nice. So much room!
This is a box Bill made for me. In Jennie I had drawers under the table to hold pencils, calculators etc. But can’t put the drawers under the table in Alfie (it’s made different) so now I have a beautiful box.
It has gold pin striping on it and is lined so things don't rattle - love it.

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