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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Race, Weather, TV and Internet musings

Tuesday – before light a.m.
Sure gets light late here – been up for quite a while and there is no sign of sunrise.
Was hoping to get a nice desert sunset picture last night – but got cloudy and ugly instead. Hope we get out of here tomorrow before the expected high winds and rain hit. Now weather forecast says cloudy today – fine.
Didn’t mention the NASCAR race Sunday – a disappointment for my favorite driver #18 – he got wrecked and ended up almost the end car. Pretty much put him out of the chase this year. And now I’ve been reading that Direct TV might not carry the Speed and Soccer channels any more after 11/1/11 – well poop on them. They better not still keep charging me for them.  And there isn’t anything we can do about it until we get home. Hope they get their dispute settled. Life little annoyances.
Also got an email from HughesNet yesterday touting their new and improved servicethat was implemented yesterday. "Everything should be faster and download allowance will be increased". Then tried to download my credit card statement and it took FIVE minutes – used to do it seconds – don’t fix things when they aren’t broke people. Hopefully everything will start working better as they get the bugs out.   Still can’t get on AOL evenings during peak time. Annoying.
Anyway – here we are in Albuquerque and hope to go to old town this morning just to look around.
Took some pictures of things here in the campground that are neat.
Just Us

Neat cars and trailers - they belong to the campground.

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