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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indian Summer is Here.

Thursday afternoon

Our weather is absolutely beautiful here. I think it is too early in the year to call it Indian Summer but it sure is nice. Little breeze and in the low 80s. And the trees are getting soooo pretty! Everyday more and more of them are yellow, orange and red.
Yesterday we had doctor appointments to get screened for aorta aneurisms. Did you know they can do that now – great preventative medicine. Neither of us have any sign of any problems. Also got the rest of the meds straightened out for the winter trip.
I worked most of this morning on the new web site for the leather masks and Wind Spirits. Fantasy Manor Art Studio. I thought I had it almost up to date then “the artist” (same guy as the driver) decided to change the way he was displaying a whole bunch of items so had to take new pictures and exchange them with the ones I’d already published. Good thing I got my hair cut short or I’d be pulling it all out.
Alfie should be finished by Tuesday at the latest – tomorrow at the earliest. Then we bring him home and start loading up and really making travel plans. Every day I try to get a few things done – or put in a “take out to Alfie pile.”

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  1. Psst.. I do that "take out to Mabeline pile".. makes me feel better even though my rig hasn't returned yet..and even have dollies loaded so it's just pull me to the "Mabeline".. I even might decide to jump on too... If I don't get chance to post again ..Have a safe trip out..God Bless Zeee..and her Critters 4.. Hopefully we're heading out Sunday..woo hoo..