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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tucumcari Murals

Saturday a.m.

Happy Birthday to Bill.
Another beautiful day in New Mexico. Typical desert weather – Cold at night and Warm during the day. Lots of endless blue sky. I love the views out here in the desert.
Got up this morning and did a load of laundry – housework never stops – follows us everywhere. Then went out to the grocery store for a couple things. Also had to buy – yes buy – a couple of little fry pans – I just brought big ones.
Then rode around checking out more murals. This is one of my favorites. It’s a two parter – one on each side of the building. First one – titled “What Da Heck? Where’s my horse?”
Second one is “HEE HEE”
James Dean slouching on the side of a motel.
Last time we were here the artist was working on this mural on the side of the Visitor Center. It’s kind of distorted but enjoy.

We drove down to the original downtown section.
A lot of restoration going on there. Sure hope it helps the town.
The brick building on the end is just a shell - they are going to keep the outside and completely remodel the interior.
This one is on the grocery store and is called “The legendary Road” I split it into two parts for better viewing.
If you click on them they will get bigger.
Just a couple of the old signs. Del’s is a very good restaurant - Planning on taking Bill out to dinner tonight.
And one of the older motel signs
Will stop our travel back in time now so I can watch the NASCAR truck race. More pictures and info later..

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