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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trying to Catch Up

This is kind of a rehash back to when we were without Internet. So ignore a lot of it.
Old news.  (If this is being updated it is because we are either at McDonalds or Bob Evans as we have no Internet at home. It went out Friday and we still haven’t heard from the repair technician that Hughes.Net is making us use. They have the worst Customer Service in the world – Kind of a “we’ve all you got so take it or leave it” kind of service. And of course out here in the boondocks there is only one service person around. Our dish has quit transmitting! Goody Goody. )
Friday a.m.
(Even older news)Yesterday - last Thursday - evening we had a big drop in temperatures and lots of wind and some rain. This morning it is cloudy and cool. By tomorrow morning there might be frost.
Clouds must be so thick that the satellite internet doesn’t work (anyway I hope that’s the problem)– As you can see that wasn’t the problem. Maybe someday this area will get into the 21st century and be able to get DSL or Cable – Yah sure….They can’t even figure out who downtown belongs to.
Last time we went to the Alfa I remembered to pick up the Wireless Network Adaptor for the PC – And it won’t work – is not compatible with Windows 7 – can’t even find a driver for it on line. So guess we’ll have to get an updated one for The Drivers new PC in Alfie.
Yesterday  - More old news - RV doc called and said they were about to make Alfie a convertible so if there was anything else we wanted out of him we had to get it right away. Sure hope there isn’t. Also got another check from Progressive Insurance to cover the torn up cover. Cannot believe how quickly they took care of things.
Yesterday was not a good day for The Driver – he spent most of it in bed. While he was up though he was productive. Built a beautiful walnut magazine rack and a glasses holder for Alfie.

We went over to see Alfie – here’s a couple of pictures of the roof and awning removal.

Have had a real cold snap here – frost even but today – Monday – it is supposed to start A warming trend up to the mid 80s again. The cold has really started the trees to change color. Getting really pretty here and bringing in the tourists.

Some color on the way to the house.
More later.

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