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Friday, October 7, 2011

Glorious Day of Autumn in Brown County

Friday p.m.
Another beautiful day today. Temperatures are perfect.
This is the view from our back porch looking across the valley. Can see a few of our fish in the pond.
This is the tourist trolley in town. Lots of pretty trees there and lots and lots of tourists.
Just another picture from down town. The Artists Colony is an Inn and a restaurant.
Just outside of town on the way to Bloomington is this old barn. It got a new paint job this year. The little outhouse in front of it is about on it's last legs. A strong wind and it will be gone.
The view from the highway just west of the barn. Everyday it gets more and more colorful.
This small barn is just down the highway a ways. One of the few "Quilt" barns in this area.
And this one I love - but can never get a really good picture of it cause of the stuff parked out front. There is another Mail Pouch barn east of town but we can only see it in winter when the trees have lost their leaves.
Just got a call from the RV doc - Alfie will be ready to come home on Monday. Then the fun begins. Don't know when we'll be getting out of here but won't be too long from now. 

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