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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alfie is ready to GO!

Wow didn’t realize I hadn’t posted for a few days. We’ve been pretty busy.
Picked up Alfie Monday and brought him home.
His roof is beautiful and the ceiling inside hasn’t been this clean in years (it is a smooth white carpet type material). The big slide with its new awning and hardware works like a dream. I want to say again how great the service people at Edmundson RV in Edinburgh, IN have been the past few weeks. Dealing with the insurance company and ordering and installing all the parts. Especially Allen in service. Many thanks to you Allen, David, Terry and everyone else working there.
Did have a couple of glitches after getting home though. One of the fluorescent ceiling lights quit working and the electric cord finally gave up. A trip to Camping World for the cord and to Edmundson RV for the light. When we mention the problems to our friend he smiles and says, “Well Alfie is just getting even with you for ignoring him for Jennie for two years.” Hummmm maybe he is right.
Have spent the last few days loading up. How could we possible have so much stuff to put in there? We just took a trip and didn’t unload him completely. Gad.  I think we’ve remembered everything – but time will tell. Still have a few things from refrig to put in tomorrow morning.
Summer has gone and fall has arrived. Today it rained off and on all day. But tomorrow is supposed to be clear and baring any recalculations we will be on the road for this winters trip to Mexico.
The trees are quickly losing their leaves – lots of bare trees around now.
Have to share with you – one of the front page headlines in our paper this week: “Man scheduled for trial this week is dead.” I kid you not. Wonder how they figured that out.

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