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Sunday, October 23, 2011

More from Tucumcari, NM

Sunday a.m.
Didn’t get quite as cold here last night. Today should be another beautiful day.
If you get a chance go back to the last post and enlarge the images of the big “Legendary Road mural – and check out the cattle faces – very interesting.
Went out to dinner at Del’s to celebrate Bill’s birthday. He had a big  steak and I had liver and onions –I love them.
By then it was dark so we rode around town. I was hoping to get some nice pictures of the old signs lit up at night. Unfortunately most of them no longer get turned on. This is the Blue Swallow Motel sign - clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.
The motel rooms.
A couple other motels.

The Route 66 Monument at the convention center.
Took these earlier in the day. We found the old train station. It is in the process of a major overhaul. Originally built in 1926 it's the last remaining railroad building in Tucumcari. By 1930 Route 66 automobile traffic carried more passengers than the railroads. So the town became a major highway rest stop instead of a railroad center.

While there a train came by. When we waved to him he blew his horn/whistle. Then he stopped for awhile Waiting for a passing train I guess. He had four engines!
A couple more of the big murals – don’t think I mentioned but most of them are painted by a local husband and wife team Doug & Sharon Quarles. This is called Ranch Scene- about 1/2 block long.
And this is Conchas Dam and Lake a park near here.
Just discover some more information about the town and Route 66 stuff - maybe we'll have to stay here a couple of more days. Bill is watching soccer right now and a little later the NASCAR race (well not race- more like push) is on.

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