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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sad day for Indy Car Series

Sunday p.m.

RIP Dan Wheldon – Indy car driver killed in Vegas this afternoon.
We are now in Grain Valley – that’s right Grain not Green – Missouri. About 25 miles east of Missouri/Kansas border. Will stay here for two nights – supposed to rain tomorrow??? Still windy today too. This was a long day – as usual our plans don’t mean anything. Did 278 miles instead of the 150 we planned on. Got out of the campground at 10 a.m. Arrived here about 4:15 - did stop for a while for diesel and lunch.
Driving the I-70 we crossed the Mississippi River
And then entered Missouri.
We stopped for lunch at a TA in Foristell, Mo for diesel and lunch. Excellent meal. If you go by there stop to eat. Not much going on in the way of scenery – did see an SUV with “Honk if the twins fall out.” written on the back window. Reminds me of the time the tail gate door to the station wagon came open on the freeway in Los Angeles with my kids – just the youngest 3 of them - and the neighbor’s kids in the back. Exciting few minutes – no one fell out just a lot of screaming. Long, long time ago but I still remember it. No one was hurt – sometimes I wonder how they all managed to grow up in one piece.
Also a highway sign “Do not drive inTEXTicated.” Wish I could have got a picture of it.
These guys were broke down along the road. Quite a load to be carrying.
And just a little color along the way.
The I-70 is a really good road along this stretch. A lot of it has just been repaved. The wind was still blowing pretty good but just off and on. After eating lunch Bill didn’t want to stop so early so down the highway we went. Lots of old barns along the way. Someday maybe I'll go through all my pictures and do a collage of old barns.
And some interesting billboards. Like this one. The Blue Springs Café is just down the road from this campground. Might have to check it out. A Foot High Pie!
Settled in now – satellite is working fine – they look at us funny when we request a camp spot without trees. This campground only has about five of them with a clear view of the south western sky and we got the last one.
Bill is taking a nap right now – don’t know how he can sleep this late and still be able to sleep at night.

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