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Friday, October 21, 2011

Lazy Day in Tucumcari

Friday p.m.
Been lazy today and reading a book. Almost forgot to do this. Shame on me.
After having to run the AC yesterday afternoon, it got cold here last night! Had to turn on the blanket in the middle of the night. Was only 37 here this morning.
After it warmed up some we changed RV parks. We’re now at the Kiva RV Park
 They have a real 1960s style sign. It is right downtown and is $20 as opposed to $34 at the KOA and we’re going to be here until Monday. This is the building on the other side of the driveway in. Like I said lots of glass blocks here in town.

The Cactus RV is right next door to us – we stayed there years ago. It was a couple of dollars $18.50) a night but we like the site here at Kiva.  A mural as you pull into the park.

We have a big space and the satellite went up and locked on with no problem. There we are behind all the plants. Very pretty.

Didn’t do much today – went to market and to Radio Shack for a new battery for my Nook light – guess I bumped the button and turned it on when I put it in the drawer.
Watched the NASCAR  practice at Talladaga. It is a joke how they race there. Whoops! Kyle Busch #18 blew a tire and hit the wall almost at the end of practice. Has to go to his back up car. His crew managed to get the back up car off the truck and out on the track in less than 20 minutes.
It was a beautiful day today – but going to be cold again tonight. Even with the warm weather Bill's leg was really bothering him. Hopefully a couple days rest will help. We sure aren't in any hurry. And tomorrow is his Birthday.
Went out for a ride later in day and took a bunch of pictures but haven’t downloaded them yet. Will do that later and post them tomorrow.

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