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Friday, October 7, 2011

Trip through the Forest

Friday p.m
Second post of the day. This morning we decided to take a drive through the forest around us. There is a gravel road a few miles from us that travels from our road to one of the main highways through the Yellowwood Forest. We’ve driven it before but quite a while ago. So off we went to see the colors [without the tourists who visit the State Park]
This is the road we live on.
And this is the gravel road through the forest.
Some of the colorful trees. And peak color season isn’t till around of next week this year.

Bill spotted a small cemetery so he pulled off so I could get out and snoop around. Only about twenty head stones there. Lots of them were infants.
Born and Died Jan 2 1889
The biggest one was really different – Never seen anything like it before. It was a cement tree stump with flowers and vines carved into it. It was taller than me and I'm 5'2"
A scroll on the back of it gave the name of the person buried there. 

Lewis Rogers - Died 1892

There are still a lot of Rogers living around here. In fact one piece of gossip - well actually it is fact. A man from the Rogers family controls what restaurants get liquor licsenses here in town. He doesn't hold office but he holds power.
More of the road

Just down from the cemetery we saw signs about campgrounds and boat rentals. What? Boat rentals? Sure enough there was a lake. People out on it in a canoe and others fishing.
A shot of the lake from one of the campgrounds.
More pictures of the lake

The boats that can be rented. But the rental place was already closed for the season. It was so cold the last few weeks I guess they closed early.
Just some leaves floating in the water.
A very pretty ride on a beautiful day. Tomorrow we will be having company. One of the ladies from the Womens RV Forum is going to come by on her way through this area. That will be fun.


  1. Carol, last year when Sarah and I nosed around one of the cemeteries in Huntsville we noticed several "tree stump" sort of markers...some rather large. We finally found some inscription that led us to think they were for members of a particular organization. I just can't remember what the group was?????


  2. Don't you just love this time of the year?? Your pictures were so pretty----really made me wish I lived where there were such beautiful trees and so much color. Enjoy it while you can before it gets too cold. Nancy Brunson