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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spending Day in Mulberry Grove, IL

Saturday a.m
it is only 10:00 but seems like it should be much later - maybe cause we're in a different time zone.
Got really cold here last night but for the most part the wind seems to have let up.
Watched the Nationwide race - Kyle Busch #18 came in 2nd. Tonight is the Cup Race - hope he does good in it or he is out of The Chase.
For some reason our Internet is not working, using the campgrounds right now. Will play with our later - hopefully it just needs a minor adjustment - maybe the satellite moved some or when our power went out it shut the modem down. Need to crawl up on a chair to check things.
Glad we are spending the day here and not traveling. Bill's leg where they took the vein is really bothering him.

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