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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nice Warm Electric Blanket is the Way to Go

Tuesday a.m.
It is still raining out! And cold. But last night we were nice and cozy with our new electric blanket. Don’t know why we didn’t get one sooner. Didn’t have to listen to the heater go off and on all night. When we first put it on the bed we put it on bass ackwards – Bill turned on his control and it didn’t heat up. Crap – thought we’d have to return it for another one. Then I happened to feel my side – nice and warm. The way the plug wires and controls are set up we couldn’t switch them so had to flip the blanket. Ah! Rocket science.
Rain is supposed to let up soon and then we’ll probably take off – want to get to Wichita today. Think we’ll take the toll road from Kansas City to there. Looks like the easiest.
Fixed dinner again last night – Wow three in a row. That’s more than I cook at home. Had Italian sausage with chimichurri and Spanish rice. A real international dinner.
The little town just west of us is called Blue Springs – when I saw the name I thought of the Blue Springs Café – home of the mile high pies – Oh boy! – But then I looked up the Café it is in Illinois – what the heck? Why have signs in Missouri?
Guess we’ll go out to breakfast and see what happens with the weather – Hopefully next post will come from Wichita.

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