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Thursday, March 8, 2012

98 degrees outside - in La Noria

Been looking on the maps at ways to go home. No matter which way we go it is about 2800 miles from here – or about 400 gallons of diesel! Also wondering about the weather. Should we go way south the I-10, or across the middle on the I-40 or up through Tulsa to St Louis. I was checking last year’s trip and was reminded about the heavy winds we encountered most of the way. Wish we could just “beam up” to home.
Yesterday morning Bill got his hair cut. A barber, Luis, comes here to the RV park a couple of times a month. Costs 70 Pesos.
I’ve been talking about the pumonias but it’s been a while since I put a picture of one on here. They are kind of like golf carts. And it can get cold riding in one after the sun goes down and if it is windy.
About mid-morning we picked up Tom and took a quick trip to La Noria. These same two guys have been cutting back the brush beside the road from Mazatlan to La Noria for at least three weeks. We see them every time we go there. They are using machetes.
Bill wanted to talk to the guys in the leather places in La Noria about how to get rid of the smell from some of the hides he bought. Turns out just washing them with dish soap. They showed him the kind they use so he bought some in the little store out there. Tom says they sell the same brand in Menards where he works in Indiana. While there we took Tom into the back of the shop to show him some of the old machinery that is still being used. This is over 100 years old. They use it to shave the leather to make it thinner.
This old sewing machine is used for top stitching – like on saddles and purses.
Then we walked up to watch tortillas being made. The dough goes in the top, then dabs of it are pressed flat and then it goes through a section of the machine that cooks them. They drop onto a belt that takes them back to the front of the machine where they are stacked and ready for sale.
This lady came to buy some.
She brought her own towels to wrap them in. Notice the digital scale.
It was 98 degrees in La Noria – but only about 78 back in Mazatlan. The first really warm day in quite a while.
Back in town we passed some gardeners trimming this bush. Picture is a little blurry as the car was moving when I took it. It is a big bird.
Last evening we went out to Fat Fish again for ribs. Tom’s request as it was his night in town. Then we took a drive all around the city. Literally around the city. Made a big circle. Got a glimpse of the sunset as we headed back towards the hotel.
This morning Tom left to go back to Indiana.

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  1. I just got back from the Texas GTG at Mustang Island Tuesday and now we have a front that passed through here dropping temps and bringing big rain chances for the next 3 days. Wild flowers should be blooming when you pass through Texas. Let us know if you pass through this way.