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Monday, March 12, 2012

Yavaros Harbor and Huatabampito Sunsets

Monday early a.m.
We'll be on the road again in a few minutes. It is just too windy to spend much time here. We’ll drive about 240 miles to a campground in Hermosillo. Have to go through three cities – so won’t be as easy a drive as Sunday. Hopefully not as expensive either.
Saturday night’s sunset – really a disappointment for here – they are usually beautiful.
When I opened the shades this morning the whole beach was lined with seagulls staring at us! I swear they were waiting for Bill to come out to play. All we had for them were some stale crackers.
Late morning we drove over to the little town of Yavaros to check on the salvage operation. Passed this little house. We’ve been watching it being built for the last couple of years. They are finally living in it. Even have satellite TV now. If you look closely you can see the lady of the house out back washing the clothes in her “clothes washing sink.”
Drove over to the harbor area to check things out. Well the two big boats are still there half sunk in the water.
And the big piece of wreckage I took videos of them trying to get out is still in the water. But a lot of the smaller pieces of boats are gone.
Bill was talking to this man finding out all the info.
One part of the area was all fenced off. Inside it was a brick building being built. According to Bill’s friend it is going to be a Filetera – a building the fishing catch can be brought, cleaned and filleted for sale.
The two big boats are still in the water because no one can find the owners and there is no paper work available. The government is working on a way to give the salvage company permission to remove them. Once all the wreckage is removed a big concrete dock will be built. Kind of like the one in the background of this picture.
Today there were only four of the big fishing boats at their docks. Usually there are 20 or more docked four abreast. Hope they were all out fishing.
Leaving Yavaros we passed this house. An enterprising lady lives here. She has a table and a couple of chairs set up on her porch for as a restaurant, a video machine neighborhood kids can pay to play and she is restocking her “snack” shelf.
Some of the small boats and birds at the other side of town. There are lots of white pelicans here.
Headed into Huatabampo to go to the grocery store there and passed these guys walking along side the road. They have something to do with Easter. But I don’t remember what. Maybe chasing evil spirits away. Saw them last year when we were here too.
Stocked up on “Marias” a kind of cookie that Bill loves and I got a bunch of Fresas con Crema – frozen strawberries with cream. I’ll have to check in the markets at home to see if they carry them. And some fresh fruit that the US Border guards won’t take. Grapes and bananas.
A lot of people on the beach today in spite of the wind. Lots of ATVs with four and five people on them. And pickups with the beds loaded with people. Eight that I can count in this one. Including Mama in her chair.
This lone horseman slowly riding by.
We ate dinner at the campgrounds restaurant. Both of us had papa fritas [French fries], ensalada [salad] and pescado empanizado [breaded fish]. Bill also had a chili relleno on top. We were both stuffed. No pictures....
Just before sunset a motorcycle “gang” came to the restaurant. Most of the “gang” were professional men – doctors, lawyers, business owners. Shy Bill talking to some of them. (In the hat and black t-shirt with his back to us.)
Strolling musicians playing for them.
The beginning of a colorful sunset.
This beach is known for its sunsets.
Bill feeding the last of his bread to the seagulls.
Bill and the birds and the sunset. Listen to the waves and the birds.

Our last night on a beach for a long time.
Tonight we will be in a city campground then tomorrow across the border. I've got all our paper work out for the border crossing. Hope I have everything together.


  1. What a busy day! A beautiful sunset! Have a safe trip!

  2. I sure hope that kid in the back of the truck was wearing khakis :))) if not you got a "crack" shot lol !! Hope ya'll stay safe I enjoy traveling with ya'll even though it is vicariously :)

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought you were being "mooned" by the boy in the striped shirt. Didn't look as though the rest of the family was aware of what he was doing. Hope you border crossing is easy and your trip uneventful in terms of problems.