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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why - why is it called Why? Desert colors.

Saturday a.m. Happy Saint Patricks Day.
We are in Amado, AZ at the Mountain View RV for a couple of days. But back to a couple of days ago. We crossed the US border with no problems. The lady agent came to the door leaned in (never even put her foot on the step) and asked if we had anything we shouldn’t. Told her no we made the crossing enough times to know we had to eat everything before we crossed. She laughed and checked the passports and wished us a good trip. No checking in the refrigerator or in the basement.
I love this kind of desert scenery it is so powerful and serene. After all the noise and bright colors and crowds of Mexico it is calming.
The road through Organ Pipe National Park. Lots of little yellow flowers blooming beside the road.
Through the park and into the little town of Why! You ever been  driving along and passed a tiny town in the middle of no where and wondered to yourself Why would any one live here? This is one of those towns. Population is approx 115. Except in winter when all the snowbirds head in.
Back to the name of the town. Why. Many years ago when the town began it was on a “Y” intersection of roads 86 and 85. At the time of its naming, Arizona law required all city names to have at least three letters, so the town's founders named the town "Why" as opposed to simply calling it "Y." Just a little tidbit.
It is what my girlfriend Sharon would call a “poke and plumb town”  By the time you get your head poked out of the window you are plumb out of town.We stayed at the Coyote Howls West RV park. Didn't hear any howling.
Just for the heck of it we put the satellite up and by gosh and by golly we got TV! – Internet came on for about ½ hour then went off again. A definite router problem. At least its no loose wires up top. Thank goodness.
When looking out in the desert it seems to be all green and brown but looking closer there are a lot of different colors out there. A purple cactus.  
Lots and lots of yellow flowers.
Some orange flowers.
And a beautiful blooming tree.
We went into Ajo to go to the grocery store and get something to eat. Stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch and found the IGA. Passed an “antique” store that we had to go in. Remember S&H Green Stamps – when gasoline was only 35 cents a gallon (and my Country Squire Ford station wagon got about 9 miles a gallon) and you got either Blue or S&H Green stamps with your purchase. I still have a scale I got with my filled books of stamps.
We left Why yesterday morning and came across lots of open desert on 86 and are now in Amado for a couple of days. Went to WalMart and got a new router but I’m almost afraid to try to install it. It has to work with the HughesNet modem and controller. It might turn out to be a plug and play or it might need some configuring………what ever that means.
So we’ve been talking about Verizon – either two air cards or something we can both use at once. And if they work at home - good bye HughesNet. There is a Verizon place by WalMart so we might just go there today and ask questions.
While at WalMart also bought a couple of new books from a couple of my favorite authors. Vince Flynn and Janet Evanovich.
Managed to do something to my back yesterday and am moving pretty slow today.
I continue to be amazed by the weather at home in Indiana – it is in the high 70s and low 80s there! What’s with that? Just hope winter doesn’t decide to return just after we get home. And if it is 80 now what is summer going to be like? Don’t want to even think about that.
Probably leave here Monday – there is a race I want to watch tomorrow – Bristol Baby!
So that’s pretty much caught up for now.

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