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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fishermen, Salads and Fog

Wednesday a.m.
Sky is blue today and sun is out in full force. Yesterday it remained foggy/overcast all day. Sun tried to pop out a couple of times but soon was behind the marine layer again. Not an inviting day to be out and about.
That kind of day makes me feel melancholy – so I had to play some country music in the morning. You know those “he done me wrong” songs. The real me – country music fan – but not new country I like the old Hank Williams Sr., Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings stuff.  Bill likes classical and soccer and I like country and NASCAR – strange couple but it’s been 47 years since the “I do.”  Anyway….
We took our laundry in to be done then picked Tom up. On the south end of the Malecón the fishermen bring in their catches every day. They pull the boats up on to the sand above high tide level. After they come in there is always a lot of work to do on the boat. Cleaning it, repairing things and just plain discussing things with other fishermen.
So we stopped there to watch a while. They are just bringing in this boat.
He was watching everything the same as us.
These tables are set up so the fishermen can clean the fish and sell them.
The buckets on the ground have clean sea water in them so the fish can be washed off and the tables can be washed off.
Some of the catch - all different kinds of fish.
Bring over more clean water.
The pelicans would beg for scraps just like dogs.
This guy flew right over my head. I never realized how big they were. He had to have had over a five foot wing span. I ducked.
Giving me the evil eye.
The one on the left was the dominant one – he was running all the other ones off.
Sitting in the shade of a palm tree these four guys were playing dominoes. And it was not just a friendly game. There was a lot of money exchanging hands by the spectators. Bill says one guy got really mad when he lost his money.
From there we went to the Plazuela Machado and walked over to a friend’s art gallery. Bill needed to give him the phone number of the tannery in Guadalajara where he bought his leather. He wasn’t there so left the info with one of his sons.
Then walked around a little so Tom could enjoy some of the old buildings that have and haven’t been restored.
We had lunch in the Plazuela Machado at Beach Burger – but before we sat down we asked them if their cook was in. Yes, no problem. There are three different restaurants in this picture. Beach Burger is in the middle. Each one is a different color.
So we had Italian Chicken Salads.
I had té helado [iced tea.] Here in Mexico you never know what you’ll end up with – at this restaurant I’ve been surprised a couple of times. Some times they have it – right from a bottle – it might or might not be sweet and might or might not have lemon. Sometimes I get a glass of cold water with ice and a couple of tea bags. Every once in a while I get green tea or jimaca tea. And sometimes it might not have any sweetener in it. Yesterday it was real tea (bottled) with sugar and lemon.
After lunch we stopped at a couple groceries stores –looking for something special and then dropped Tom off at his hotel. And he checked his ticket and discovered he wasn’t leaving Wednesday like he thought – he was leaving Thursday.
Tom came over to the campground for dinner later. He rode a pulmonia over (I think I’ve mentioned before pulmonia means pneumonia) He says he understands why they are called that – he about froze in it. They are little open golf cart type cabs.
Enjoyed dinner and talking. Then we took him back to the hotel. It was very very foggy and a really damp cold. Hard to see very far foggy. Was glad when we got home.
Not sure yet what we are going to do today - except that Tom wants to go out for ribs tonight.   

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