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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Visiting Roswell again - Weather warming up

Thursday a.m.
We left Las Cruces yesterday morning somewhere around  eight thirty and only traveled 189 miles to Roswell. Got to the campground here a little after noon. A short travel day.
Leaving Las Cruces we passed over the Rio Grande – not a drop of water in it here. Didn’t they get any of that rain a couple of days ago?
First up over the pass a little less than 6000 feet into the White Sands Missile area. What a desolate area. Then on toward the White Sands National Park area – a neat contrast the white sand and the snow in the background. We were headed towards that mountain.
More of the white sand.
Egads – another Border Patrol check point – and with a TOPE no less.
Through Alamogordo and then up into the Mescalero Apache Reservation on Arizona 70. It’s a really nice road. Climbs to over 7500 feet but the Alfa made it an easy drive. One of the murals along the road.
Got high enough we saw snow next to the road. Even the horseys have coats on.
Through the town of Ruidoso we passed this kind of retro Dennys. And several casinos.
The area has a lot of history. It’s the location of the Lincoln County War of the 1870s that made Billy the Kid famous. Fort Stanton was built in 1855 to protect settlers from the Indians. Hundred of Buffalo soldiers, Kit Carson, John "Black Jack" Pershing passed through and stayed there. The fort was also used as an interment camp during WWII. Next time through we need to stop there!
A good look at the snow covered mountain.
Then on into Roswell. Where we were greeted by the green Alien and his space ship.
We’re staying again at the Trailer Village RV – it’s a nice quiet place with good WiFi. Yes we are using their WiFi as the MiFi doesn’t work in this area. Seems Verizons “footprint” doesn’t cover this area and we are at the mercy of “another providers” whims. I’m about ready to go back to paper and pencil!
Went into town and had lunch at the Cowboy Café – good food pleasant people. Then drove around a little looking for jumper cables. One more thing we had to replace after Willie’s Adventure. We needed them today because the Mickey mouse trailer lights on Willie managed to get kinked and draw down the battery.
A lot of the trees are in bloom around town. Very pretty.
We are still here as no matter which direction we could go we would run into rain and or snow if we left today. Tomorrow is soon enough – still not sure if we’ll go north to Clovis and Amarillo or east towards Lubbock. But now we have to go into town as I need a t-shirt with an alien on it.

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  1. I wondered if you saw any UFO's? lol