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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Malpica, Concordia and Copala day trip

Saturday a.m.
We had a busy day yesterday – but first a picture of a very happy Willie. He is complete again. Tom brought the wheel cover and stickers with him. Bill had ordered them right after we got Willie back and had them sent to the house.
Also been keeping track of the weather back home in Indiana – seems like the worse of it was quite a ways south of where we live. Closer to the Kentucky border. But our town was under a severe weather watch and later a tornado warning for a while. But all is okay there – any way we haven’t heard anything different. Our house sitter is the visitor who is here with us now.
Yesterday morning, Friday, we picked up Tom and Carolyn at 9:00 (after wasting time stopping at two ATMs that were out of money – third finally worked) and headed out to Malpica and the wonderful bakery there. Just taking the cuernos (croissants) out of the oven.
They had a new girl helping them in the bakery and when she asked how many we wanted the owner told her “todo” all of them. She knows us.
Her husband the older man taking the breads out of the oven asked Bill when we’d be back again so he would make more cuernos so he would have some left to sell to other people. Unfortunately we aren’t sure when ever we run out we go.
Across the street from the bakery is a tile maker. He makes tile for flooring or to use as decorations by hand. So of course we had to go over and see. He demonstrated making one for us. But I was so intrigued I forgot to take pictures of the whole process. This is one of the forms he uses. The form can be tightened and loosened to squeeze the material and release it. It sits on the metal plate it is resting on for making the tile.
First he puts the form on the metal plate then he randomly sprinkles drops and streaks of different colored paints on the metal plate. He uses the spatula for drops and a stiff bristled brush for splatters. Then he puts a mixture of white marble over the colors. Can barely see it in the pan in the upper left. The marble has been powdered and mixed with water to form a goop about the constancy of syrup. He drops it over the colors by the spoonful. When all the colors are covered with the marble he runs his finger through it to give a sort of design (like when making a marble cake – mixing the chocolate and white in swirls.)
Next come another thin mixture of cement and water – covers everything.
Then a fairly dry mixture of cement is put over it all and built up to the top of the form.
A big heavy piece of metal – in the shape of the tile [its right in front of his knee] – is put on top and everything slides into the press and is compressed. The press is over 100 years old.
The finished tile right out of the press and form.
A closer look. They cure in the open air for 24 hours then are ready to us. They will last for 40-50 years.
From Malpica we went up to Concordia. We went by to see the laundry ladies but it was too late in the day and they were already gone. They do the laundry at a natural hot springs. The government has built wash sinks all around the reservoir. I have pictures of them in a couple of previous posts.  search "laundry ladies"
From there to the town of Concordia. Where we checked out the church and some of the small stores. Also bought some of the yummy home made ice cream this man sells.
He had vanilla and pineapple
After leaving Concordia we continued on up the Durango highway towards Copala, a little silver mining town. Of course we came across the inevitable livestock in the road. Also saw a couple of burros further up the road. At least they were off to the side.
In Copala we found something really interesting. There was a van there loaded to the hilt and about ten men.
They were relaxing in the shade – eating a small lunch and drinking lots of water. When we first got there they were standing in a circle and quietly singing. Hummm?
Bill ended up talking to them. They started in Mexico City they are peregrinos – religious pilgrims. They go from church to church in all the towns in between and were heading towards Mazatlan. What makes it interesting is they are walking! They are either thanking God or asking God for a miracle.  
We had lunch in Daniels in Copala. Tom and I had fajitas de pollo. Pretty good and then everyone gets a piece of banana cream pie for desert.
On the way back down the road to Mazatlan we passed the peregrinos walking. These two are carrying the Virgin of Guadalupe.
These are carrying crosses and images of Jesus.
.We got back to Mazatlan and dropped our friends off at their hotel so we could all rest a little before our night out on the town. Picked them up again a little later and headed to Plazuela Machado for the Art Walk and dinner. The sun was just setting as we drove along the Malecón.
Walked around some of the galleries and then settled down to dinner at Beach Burger. While eating we got to listen to a lot of music and people watch and catch up on things at home.  A very good day. Interesting things to do and see, good company and nice weather. Who could ask for anything more.
Soon we'll be off again to find who knows what delightful things.

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