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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heading North - first stop Huatabampito

Sunday a.m.
Listening to the waves – we are about 100 feet from the waters edge here in Huatabampito at El Mirador RV. Last night the wind was really blowing – we could see the sand moving!
Left Mazatlan early yesterday 6:30 – just getting light out and the moon was still up.
The road, 15D,  all the way here – well except for the last 25 or so miles through the country - was very good. And it should have been. 360 miles cost in tolls US$80! They’ve gone up again since we went south in the fall. Very smooth divided highway and very little construction.
We stopped at a big Pemex truck stop in Los Mochies and filled up and had lunch. Diesel has also gone up it was 9.91 Pesos per liter in November now its 10.38 Pesos per liter or about US 3.10 a gallon. We know we are in for a shock when we get to the first fill up in the US. So we will fill up before crossing into the US.
We are out of the tropical vegetation now more into desert and lots and lots of farming. Saw tomatoes, corn, sugar cane [surprised me to see cane here in the north] and potatoes. And lots of things I didn’t recognize. Here in this area is winter wheat. It is very very green.
  And a lot of the trees are in bloom. A pink one
  A red one
Not much traffic but several check points. Especially FitoSanatario checks – agriculture checks 
The first one we just got waved through. The second one we had to stop and a young man came in and looked around – think he just wanted to see the inside of Alfie. But the third one just into the state of Sonora they were serious about agriculture. The guy came in and looked around – he couldn’t find the refrigerator?? Guess it looked like another cupboard to him. Finally asked where it was so I opened it for him. He poked around a little then saw the four apples and two tangerines in there – they were not allowed into Sonora. So he took them, thanked us and left. No big loss – they all had more wrinkles then me. Almost threw them out the day before they were so old but forgot about them.
And two military check points. One waved through, the second one we had to open the door so the soldier could stick his head in and look around. Just us old folks in here. Everyone at all check points was very polite and friendly. Always thanking us and wishing us a good trip. And all of them are very well established check points. No wondering if they were real.
Along the way we saw several small airplanes – crop dusters – one flying low over a field and us, another just taking off and several at hangers next to the roads. Also saw a couple fires burning along the way. Burning the debris off the fields I guess no one seemed concerned about them.
We knew we were close to the campground when we saw the cows coming home. Every day at the same time they trot down the road.
We are the only RV in the campground. There was a class B when we pulled in but I see they are already gone this morning. Haven’t decided how long we’ll stay yet.
The seagulls are already lined up out front waiting for Bill to go out and feed them. I think the recognize the Alfa! He threw them some crackers when we got here yesterday afternoon. They catch them in the air. But it was so funny the wind was blowing them so hard it was blowing them backwards while they were flying. A bunch of birds wings spread going backwards.
Just looked up on the Internet – daylight savings time doesn’t start here in Mexico until April 1st.  And Arizona doesn’t do it so guess our clocks will remain the same for a while.
Later we’ll go check out the harbor and if we plan on staying into town for some tortillas for the gulls.

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