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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day in Hermosillo - too short of a visit

Tuesday in Hermosillo.
As I mentioned we’ve never spent any time in Hermosillo, just stopped for over nights. I’m glad we spent a day there and next time through we plan on spending more time there.
Of course I looked up what to do on in Hermosillo on the Internet and Zaragoza Plaza was the place to go. The government building and the old church are there. So off we went. The Government Palace was built in 1881 and finally finished in 1906. It is a beautiful building. Pure white – so white it hurt my eyes to look at it.
And at night it is illuminated with colored lights. I found this picture on the web.
To me its main attraction are the murals inside. On both floors every wall but one, which was black glass, was covered with murals. The murals done between 1982 and 1984 by Teresa Moran, Enrique Estrada and Héctor Martínez Arteche, depicting scenes from Sonora's history. View from the entrance
A couple of the murals on the first floor.

Looking up at just a small portion of the second floor.
I show this picture of the small planted area in the patio because it is artificial grass and real plants. This has given The Driver an idea – why not use artificial grass at home and decorate it with real plants. Hummm???? Will keep you posted on that idea.
A picture of one of the murals at the top of the stairs.
A closer look at one section of the upstairs mural.
I have lots and lots of pictures of it. Just amazing. Maybe I'll put together a slide show.
From this building we crossed the Plaza towards the church. There is a Moorish style kiosk, which was brought from Italy in the early 20th in the middle of it.
Across the Plaza is the cathedral, Catedral de la Asuncion. It was started in the 18th century but not finished until the beginning of the 20th. Took over 100 years to build.
The main altar. The church was much smaller inside then it looked outside.
Back in the car went through the older shopping district and past the Central Market.
We were headed to the Cerro de la Campana. A small hill right in the middle of town. The cobblestoned road circles round and round the hill to the top where there is quite a view.
A zoom look at the Church and Government Palacio from on top of the hill.
A view of a whole lot of the city.
One of the street performers.
We do know that next time we head south we will spend a couple more days here in Hermosillo. There is a lot more to see there.
The owner of the campground also sells artificial grass – this is adding to the idea Bill has gotten. We were joined by a 5th wheel for the night in the park. We went out to dinner and watched this sunset as we drove back to the campground. Our last sunset in Mexico for this trip.
Next post – our trip across the border. Boarded by Mexican military!!!  No problems at US border etc, etc.

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  1. WOW, what magnificent buildings, especially the cathedral. Can't believe all of the work that went into building them and doing those murals!