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Monday, March 26, 2012

Will trek through Missouri today

Monday a.m.
Just kind of vegged out most of Sunday here in Joplin, Missouri.  Did take a ride into WalMart for groceries – it is a brand new store rebuilt after the tornado.Then to Pizza Hut for lunch. It has also been rebuilt since last May. It is amazing how much has been done in less than a year.
A beautiful day here in the high 70s and no wind. Keep watching the weather channel planning the rest of our trip home. Looks like the weather might turn by Tuesday – hope not. We are 550 miles from home. Should we make two days of over 260 miles each or three shorter days? Or one absolutely horrible LONG day of over 9 hours - NOT. Last year we made it home from here in two days. But we were driving a smaller RV then and we were being chased by a rain storm. In fact it started to rain about an hour after we got home.
Did a couple of loads of laundry and watched the rain shortened NASCAR race from California and Bill watched a couple of soccer games. Nothing else exciting.
We are talking now about what we will and will not do when we get home – we’ll not try to empty the Alfa in one day – we will take it easy with the cleaning of the RV and the house, we’ll call up somebody to clean up the winter debris in the yard. I bought paint last year to paint the furnace room and the outside decking needs to be repainted or something this year. I want to make another stained glass window for the living room. Bill is looking forward to working with all his leather. Also been talking that we really need to get some regular exercise – like join the YMCA or something. I need to lose weight he needs to regain some. We really should make some lifestyle changes.
There is so much stuff in Alfie that goes in the house - like personal stuff, food and some clothes and gifts and Bill's stuff.....I just hope we don't take any of the bugs into the house - so sick of them flying around and us chasing them.
EGAD maybe we should just keep traveling.
It’s cool here this morning in Joplin. It’s 7:45 and the sun is just coming up. That’s the problem with heading east – the first hours or so the sun is right in your eyes. 
So almost time to button up in here and get on the road. How far will we go today?  The trip has turned into a "get home" trip not an "I wonder what we can see now" trip.


  1. It'll all be worth it when you get home and settled in....then you'll start planning the next big adventure :)

  2. I have a thought: buy two bug bombs. Set one off in the house immediately, and spend that night in the RV. The second night, sleep in the house, and set the other bomb off in the RV, then start moving your stuff in. Good Luck.