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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A windy and wet day here in Southern Arizona

Sunday a.m.

Saturday we fooled around with the satellite Internet - even with the new router cannot get it working. Finally gave up. Returned the router and went to Verizon and got a MiFi – sounds like a better deal. If it works at home we’ll be able to tell HughesNet GOODBYE! Once the MiFi was charged we turned it on and are now both connected to the Internet. It is very fast and we love it!!!! We have 5GB a month for $50. So it will be $40 a month cheaper than Hughes which also had a 5GB limit a month. If we were still using HughesNet right now we wouldn’t have service because of the weather…. I’m actually surprised that we are getting a DirectTV signal. Hope it stays on as the NASCAR race in in an hour or so.
The wind started picking up here last night – got bad enough to bring the awning in - and it was supposed to start raining – we are going to be getting the storm that is going through California today. So we’ll be here until Tuesday a.m. then will head towards Las Cruces, NM…. maybe…..It has just started raining but wind has been blowing hard all night. Sky is ugly gray and black. Heard it is snowing in northern AZ in Flagstaff. The I-40 is closed for over 180 miles! Over one foot of snow. Also saying I-17 going south to Phoenix is closed too. Glad we stayed to the south. And it is 82 degrees at home in Indiana – Weird weather.
Went across the highway to the Cow Palace for corned beef and cabbage dinner last night. Always a good meal there.
My back is still bugging me today – have a heating pad on it and taking Advil – I hate moving like an old lady! Don’t think the damp weather is helping either. Later today we want to go to Home Depot/Lowes whichever we can find and get a few things. We need to get some Murphy’s Wood Oil – noticed some of the cupboard doors are getting cracks in them from the dry weather.
Going to try to get a hold of Barnes and Noble customer service – another book I bought and downloaded is telling me it won’t open because “document is licensed to a different user” and this one I just bought last night.

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