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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun day of driving - tolls, topes, detours, construction and cities OH MY

Tuesday a.m.
The birds were all lined up on the beach Monday morning when we were getting ready to leave. Poor birdies no more crackers and cookies from Bill.
By 8:30 we were ready to hook up and take off. Looks big doesn't it?
Leaving the beach the first little town we had to go through has eight topes (big gnarly speed bumps.) That was kind of an indicator of the rest of the day.
Got up to MX15 – the main north/south road and first thing we had to go through the town of Navojoa. There must be 20 traffic lights in the town and we hit every one of them red. Notice the Dominoes and McDonalds. They also have a big Auto Zone where we replaced a bunch of stuff for Willie on the way south.
When you someone standing in the middle of the road and things for sale beside the road you know you better slow way down as there is another tope there. Remember this is on the toll road – not a little country road.
Lots and lots of construction – they’re turning the two-lane road into a divided road – should be done soon. But traffic was a bear yesterday. We probably had as long a line behind us.
A big paver machine – it puts down concrete road beds. So the work should go pretty fast. By next year this stretch of road should be great – and worth the money.
Also had to go through the cities of Obregon and most of Hermosillo (following a detour that I missed but the driver saw.) The RV park we stay at here is on the south bound side of a divided highway and hard to see when going north. We know it is just beyond the third Pemex station after we make a right turn. Finally spotted it and then Bill had to make a big U-turn at one of the retornos – returns. Just enough room. So we settled in for the night at Sonora RV – again we’re the only ones here. No pull-throughs so he had to unhook Willie. Decided to stay two nights and check out Hermosillo. We’ve usually just used it as an overnight stop. Much to our surprise it is much warmer here than it was further south. I guess because we are not on the water. Went out to dinner last night at a nice restaurant in the Hotel Zone.
Tried putting the satellite up – thought maybe we could get TV – but that didn’t even work. I think we've messed with it so much something is unhooked or not working. So that means a stop of a few days in Tucson to get it fixed AGAIN.
For those of you who noticed it – yes the little boy has a bare bottom. But I think he was just changing his wet shorts for dry jeans. I took the picture with a zoom from inside the Alfa – so pretty sure he wasn’t mooning us. Good eyes out there - I had to enlarge the pic quite a bit to see it. Guess I was just more fascinated about how many people they had in there.
Today we’re going to explore Hermosillo – I understand the government building has some nice murals and of course the church etc. etc.

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