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Friday, March 23, 2012

A few tidbits about Roswell

Left Roswell about 9:00 this morning and made it to Shamrock, Tx. by 4:30 (another time zone change.) Roads and weather were good all the way. And looks like it will stay good on the road east until at least Monday. When we got here I turned on the weather channel to check and got a warning BEEP BEEP – There was a tornado warning in Brown County – where we live!!! Hopefully nothing happened there.
Back to Roswell – I got my t-shirt.
Not only did I get a t-shirt I got a pin and a magnet! Oh Yah. And we saw a space ship- looks like it crashed into the building.
And maybe the occupants of the space ship.
And then we saw this warning – makes sense to me. That hysteria stuff is catchy.
Also noticed the street lights all over town.
But Roswell has other interesting facts and history. Pat Garrett lived here. A statue of him.
And Billy the Kid was here at one time. The Jingle Bob Ranch owned by John Chisum was just five miles out of town.

Gee he doesn’t look at all like John Wayne – Remember the film Chisum?
Demi Moore and John Denver were residents here at one time. And the town was named after a Lafayette, IN man Roswell Smith. Bret you didn't know that did you?
Just some pictures from the town. The McDonalds is shaped like a space ship – one of their few themed restaurants.
WalMart’s window – kind of cute.
And even another space ship. They are all over the place. Looks pretty good for being there since 1947.....
Some fence “art” – this is by WalMart
And this is at a home near the RV park. 
Kind of a neat little town. Sorry to leave it. But leave we did. Went north on the 70 a nice divided highway. A straight highway. A highway that had no scenery. Miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles of nothing.
We got excited when we saw this sign and trees and small building.
Did see a lot of cattle as we passed by Hereford, TX – wonder if anyone eats pork or chicken here?
I always wonder what the story is behind the buildings we pass that are out in the middle of nowhere and now abandoned. Did a family live there once. Perhaps a new bride and groom. Children? What happened to them? Why did they leave their home?
We picked up I-40 at Amarillo and stopped for lunch and gassed up – diesel was only (?) 4.05…..
Took the off ramp from the I-40 and drove a few miles on old Route 66 to the West 40 RV Park. We stayed here on the way west many months ago. Big spaces. And most of them are filled tonight. The MiFi is working here and so is our TV – Watched the qualifying for the NASCAR cup race Sunday and watched the weather channel.
Tomorrow morning we hope to get an early start and make it most of the way across Oklahoma.

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  1. I enjoyed following your trip east. I guess you will be home Monday night....except I don't know where home is other than Indiana. I spent a year there years ago at Ft. Harrison.