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Monday, March 5, 2012

No hay cocinero! There is no cook.

Monday a.m.
We leave here in five days. Most of me wants to head home but part of me hates to leave here. This is as much “home” and home is. Hard to explain. And it is getting colder in Indiana instead of warmer.
Yesterday morning we picked Tom and Carolyn up early and took them to breakfast at the Torres hotel across the street. It’s right on the beach but enclosed. Good food and a great saxophone player while we ate. After eating we took them back to their hotel as she had to catch the shuttle service to the airport. She is home by now. Tom will be here until Wednesday.
After leaving them off we came back home and both of us took a nap. I'd been up since 3:00 -
About 4:00 we picked Tom up again and headed towards Centro Historico. Thought we’d walk around a little then sit in the Plazuela Machado for a late lunch/early dinner. Ended up parking on the street as it was too early in the evening for the parking lots to be open. Luckily there was lots of street parking – which is unusual too. The restaurants in the plaza were just setting up for evening – putting the tables and chairs out in the street to close it off to traffic. Walked around a little then went to Beach Burger. Daniel greeted us and offered us a table. We sat and settled in. A couple of minutes later Daniel came back out to us and said, “ No hay cocinero,”  There’s no cook.  What? Seems like the night cook hadn’t shown up yet. He didn’t know for sure when he’d be there. [I understand no tomatoes, but no cook?] Well that was a first. So we wandered down to the end of the block and asked at the new Italian restaurant if their cook was there. We got kind of strange look as the waiter told us of course the cook was there. So this is where we ate.
The meal was excellent. Bill had Caesar Salad, Tom had chicken parmesan, and I had spaghetti. Service was great. Will have to eat there more often – oops that’s right we are leaving soon.
After eating we drove over by the church to show Tom all the work being done on it. Lucked out and found a parking space right behind it. And a guy to wash Willie. So we got out to walk around some more.
More progress on the church. They are still chipping the old stuff off but this is the very end of the side wall. No work today.
Forgot to mention as we passed in front of the church we stopped to let a family cross the street in front of us. The family included a girl all dressed up in her 15th birthday gown. As always she was beautiful. They were headed into the church for Mass.
This section is done except for painting.
Across the street in the main plaza the floats we saw the other day were lit up. They had all been in the Carnaval parade. His eyes were really glowing. The kids loved it.
This is my favorite Easter Eggs and Flowers.
And we found a churro man. Bill can find them anywhere. And these were really good. Fresh out of the grease with lots of cinnamon and sugar on them.
From there we drove through parts of the old city and out to the harbor. Then back across the Malecón just enjoying the sea and the lights. Lots and lots of families out and about as it was Sunday night. The sidewalks, parks and playgrounds were full. We were talking about how much people miss who are afraid to come here.    
Then stopped at the Mega to do some shopping. Then home.
Checked the NASCAR web site – glad Denny Hamlin won – hope he can keep it up this year. But hate it was a fuel mileage race. Vegas next.
Today Tom is catching a pulmonia -small open air taxi - and coming over here and Bill is cooking breakfast. And later today we all are going to meet our friend Angelicas home to meet her family.
Bill just came back inside – he was outside talking to Willie !? asking him if he was happy now that he has all his sticker and wheel cover back and is nice and shinny clean. He said he says Willie said yes but that he doesn’t want to go back through Nogales going home. So guess we are going further west and cross through Lukeville and drive up through Organ Pipe National Park. Adds a few more miles to the trip but what the heck. 
With the lower exchange rate and the rise in prices gasoline is now about US$2.90 a gallon here - don't know what diesel is now.

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