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Friday, March 23, 2012

Leaving - heading north east

Friday a.m.
We are getting ready to take off - heading north then east - planning on ending the day in Amarillo, TX We'll see how this turns out.
Took lots of neat pictures yesterday around here in Roswell. And found out a few things about the town that are interesting.
Hopefully the weather continues to be good.  Yesterday was beautiful - nice and warm.
Maybe I'll work on this while we're traveling - and sure hope the MiFi works where ever we stay tonight.


  1. Hope you got your alien t shirt :)

  2. If you have time, stay on the I-40 access road and go thru Shamrock, home of the famous U-Drop Cafe and gas station. Not much else there but worth an extra 5-7 minute diversion.

  3. The eastbound access road, by the way, is the original Route 66 as it is thru Shamrock.