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Friday, March 9, 2012

Last Day in Mazatlan

Today is our last day in Mazatlan. It kinds of feels like we’re leaving home! We’ll still be in Mexico for about another week. The first leg of the trip home is long over 360 miles. I know that doesn’t seem like much – but here the roads are a little different. And the last 50 miles are over narrow country roads shared with tractors, cows, pot holes and topes. Many, many topes. We’ll be stopping in Huatabampito on the beach again. We have to go to Yavaros to see if they managed to get more of the sunken ships out of the water.
Click here to see the salvage operation in November.
Spend a couple of days there then tackle the next section of the road to Hermosillo about 250 miles. Then on to the US border another 260 or so miles.
Today someone is supposed to come to wash Alfie – lots of dirt and sand and salt on him. We talked about doing it ourselves but decided against it. While they’re doing that we’ll be stowing everything away inside and underneath so tomorrow morning we can get an early start.
Made a trip to pick up the laundry and go to grocery store. Trying to remember what we wanted or needed for the next week or so. Then went by the hotel to see if Tom was still there but his shuttle had just left. At least he’s going home to not too cold weather. Angelica came over early evening and we went across the street to the restaurant on the beach to watch the sunset and have dinner.