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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exploring Hermosillo

Every year when we go south for the winter we go through Hermosillo. Usually we spend the night at the Sonora RV. Then we either continue south or go west to Bahia de Kino. Well this time we decided to spend a couple of nights here. So this morning we set out to explore a little of the city (over 850,000 people.) Parts of the city are very modern – wide streets, tall buildings, lots of hotels and restaurants.
First we had breakfast sitting outside on the patio of the restaurant watching the people and traffic go by.
Last night I checked on the Internet to see what were “must sees” here and where they were. So we found our way to the older Centro Historico passing this building on the way. Kind of a mix of old and new.
This is the interior wall of an old home across from where we parked. You can see where the different rooms were. The pink tile was maybe a bathroom? No windows on the side walls.
This is the very front of the building – see how thick the walls were? Also they were adobe that now is being crumbling from the weather.
Walking towards Zaragoza Plaza we passed this bit of whimsy on a building.
The rest of Hermosillo will have to wait until later as I want to get this much posted before I lose the Internet again. One whole post will have to be devoted to the murals in the Government Palace - absolutely amazing.

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