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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just trying to get settled again

And what day is it today? Needed to look at the task bar to find out. Does that mean I’m getting old or that it’s just not important? That and the fact that we have no calendars around here – tried to find a couple in Wal*Mart the other day but they no longer sell 2012 ones as part of the year is gone already!!! Have to go to Office Depot in Columbus I guess.

We did get all the forms to the bank and the Sherriff and the BMV [bureau of motor vehicles] and the new card is in the mail and we have our temporary plate for Willie. Unloaded a lot of stuff and put it away. And my stack of mail is down to just a few items.

Getting used to being home is weird. Just simple things like turning on the microwave – had to study it to figure out how to heat up a cup of coffee – don’t have to push a “time” button on the one here. Flushing the toilet – handle instead of foot pedal. Computer keyboard – delete and end keys in different places. That has caused a few “oh craps!”

Haven’t seen any deer yet but they are eating the corn we put out. Must come at night. The bird feeder is sure busy. Lots of colorful birds hanging around it. And the frogs were croaking so loud last night I had to close the door. Need to get used to the sounds of being home.

Yesterday turned out to be nice – none of the expected rain showed up and the temps were in the high 60s, today should be the same. Had all the doors and windows open to air things out. But then I cooked fish for dinner and the kitchen smells like fish – ish. Need to get that trash out.

Tomorrow we have 80% chance for rain so will try to get the rest of the stuff out of Alfie. I can feel it in my legs all the running up and down the stairs. Vacuumed the main floor but still have to get to the downstairs and upstairs – but it will wait. Bill is dragging all his leather etc. out of Alfie and putting it in his garage workshop for now.

This morning we will probably go into town again – need to get a salt lick for the deer, bird seed, calendars and some vacuumed packed 8 oz milks. They can be kept in the cupboard for months! So we’re off for now – back later..

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