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Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Friends, Great Meal and Happy Willie

Friday a.m.
Have to get my “job” done early this morning as we are going to get Carolyn and Tom at 9:00. Lots to see and she only has a couple of days to do it in. She's leaving Sunday afternoon, he'll be here until Wednesday.
They got here with no problems yesterday afternoon. We picked them up from their hotel about 3 and went over to the Centro Historico to the Municipal Mercado so Carolyn could do some shopping. Also wanted her to see the market. 
On the way over we saw that the city was taking the big statues from Carnaval down. I don’t think the truck is big enough.

By the time we came back by this area they had more trucks and the statue was in pieces.
She managed to get a few gifts with the enthusiastic help of the sales clerks. And we checked out the piggy heads and chicken feet in the grocery section of the market.
Headed back across town to eat ribs at Fat Fish. Always a good meal for an unbelievable price US12.50 for two meals.
Our friend Angelica met us there.   
After eating we went back across town to watch the sunset. On the way there we passed this Samba School dancing on the Malecón. Wish the picture had come out better but it was already getting dark out.
Unfortunately just as Bill pulled over they came to the end of their routine and got ready to leave so we didn’t get to see very much.
The sunset was kind of nice – not like spectacular like some we’ve seen here.
Didn’t hang around too long as it got COLD – the wind coming in off the ocean was biting. Also they had been up all night – were at the airport Eastern Time 3:00a.m. So we took them to their hotel. Today will be a busy day. Starting out with a trip to our favorite bakery in Malpica. And ending with the Art Walk and dinner in Plazuela Machado.
And Willie is very very happy. Tom brought his wheel cover and stickers. Here he is with his new wheel cover and the reason he is named Willie – reminds me of Willie Nelson without the braids.
Off to a fun day. Lots to report tomorrow.

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