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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Central Market shopping

Tuesday a.m.
It’s almost 9:00 and it is very foggy out. Yesterday was one of the warmest days we’ve had here in a long time. Got up into the high 70s. the first time since we’ve been here that there were parasails up. We’ve got some good ole bluegrass music playing in here this morning. And some Willie Nelson.
Every day more people are headed North. And a lot of RVs are coming in for just the night. There's even another Alfa here. We are going to try to talk the campground owner into letting us stay another day – Bill would rather drive on Sunday – much less traffic. From here we think we will go all the way to Huatabampito 365 miles – a long day. There aren’t many places to stop for the night between here and there.
The churros cooking the other day reminded me of something I haven’t thought of in years. So now I’ll really date myself. When I was a little girl there was a donut making machine in the dime stores. It was shaped like a phone booth. Inside was very hot grease above the grease was a mechanism that dropped a donut shape of raw dough into the grease. It would float about half way around the machine then it would be turned over to cook the other side. When cooked it would plop out – hot and fresh. I can still remember the smell of hot grease and sweet cooked donut. Long, long time ago. Are there even “five and dimes” any more?
Yesterday morning Tom took a pulmonia over here from the hotel. Bill fixed breakfast for us. Then we took off for a morning of shopping at the central market. Tom wanted to take some pictures for Carolyn. Especially of the chicken feet and pig heads for sale. Me too. This lady is cleaning nopales and chopping them and putting them in baggies for sale. Behind her on the counter is one of the biggest piggy heads I’ve ever seen.
We were there pretty early and the slabs of meat had just been delivered. Every where there was fresh meat being cut into pieces.
All the produce stands were full of nice looking fruits and vegetables. Several of them had packaged items. The one on the right has all the makings of a big salad.
Need to go run some errands now.
To be continued later…….The best part of yesterday is yet to come.

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  1. I wanted to sign up as one of your official groupies. I have been reading your post for months and have even gone back thru your archives. I appreciate your thoughtful posts and wonderful pictures. One day I hope to follow in your foot prints and spend some time rediscovering all the places you have visited. My wife and I are also Hoosier's, living in Fort Wayne. Travel safe, Joe