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Friday, March 16, 2012

From Mexico to USA

We left Hermosillo at 7:30 Wednesday morning. Had to go about a mile south to the first turn around to head back north. Luckily – and thanks to good driving by Bill we made the U-turn with no problems. About 3 miles up the road was a toll booth. Again lots of construction on the road. But traffic was moving quickly and the detours were well marked. The first part of the trip was kind of boring…not much to see except tumble weeds and small bushes.

There is a big military checkpoint going north – we thought we were going to turn off of MX15D before it – but nope….The trucks are supposed to be only in the right lane so the cars etc can travel quickly in the left lane. But there are always a few truckers who try to get to the front quicker then cut in on the truck lane. Of course the trucks in the right lane don’t want to let them in. So everything slows down and backs up. We got to this point at 15 to 9:00
Also there were a few cars who didn’t want to wait and scooted up the shoulder – a little to steep to get the Alfa down there. Thank goodness.
Reached the check point at 9:05
And much to our surprise we were told to pull over to the inspection area. Two very polite young soldiers came to the door and tapped on it. Opened it and they asked permission to come in – like we were going to say “no” One had a clip board he asked Bill to sign the other had his little flashlight and walked towards the back of the motorhome. He flashed the light in the corners then went clear to the back to the bedroom. I walked back and turned on the light – he was opening the tiny drawers next to the bed – they are so small they are full if I put two pairs of socks in them! He opened the cupboards over the bed and shined his light in. Then one of the other drawers. He studied the photographs I have framed on the side wall for a while. Then he walked back to the front and left. Never even looked at or opened the bathroom door. We could have had all kinds of stuff in there. Don’t know what they really are checking for. But they are very polite about it. Wished us a good trip and by 9:15 we were on our way again.
We turned off of MX15D on to Highway 2 in the little town of Santa Anna. The rest of the days trip would be through new territory for us.
How would you like to be driving something this big on these roads?
MX2 for a while was a divided 4-lane highway – with another toll booth!
Then it narrowed down to a nice 2-lane highway and we started going through the pretty desert. Saguaro, flowers and Palo Verde trees. I love the serenity of this landscape.
We found the immigration area with no problem. Plenty of room to park and Bill took our paperwork to this building and handed it in. Very easy.
Back on our way towards the border another 17 miles away. Into the last little Mexican town and the first sign for the USA.
The LAST topes!
US border.
Could they make the aisles any narrower?
Organ Pipe National Park in the USA after four great months in Mexico.

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