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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More time strolling The Strip - Lions and M &Ms

Tuesday a.m.

Another cool but at least not windy day here in Vegas.
Satellite guy came yesterday with 2nd new part – the replacement antenna and all is well with the dish – finally. If you’re ever in Vegas and need a satellite system, new or fixed, he is a good person to deal with. – Satellite World, Inc. http://www.satworld.biz/ Very nice people.
Watched soccer game yesterday – two of the best teams in Europe. It was a disaster – 5 -0. Between the two teams 10 of the players are from Argentina.
Oldest son called us a while ago. They got into town with out any weather problems..

Tuesday p.m.

Today we went to The Strip again. Parked at the MGM Grand.
Saw this in the parking area in front of the hotel. Gee that’s what I want to do in my spare time. Only in Las Vegas.

Went to the lion habitat in the casino. Munch. Munch.

I wonder if these guys really read their job description? IN with the lions? I didn’t sign up for this!
You want me to do WHAT?
A good shot of the New York skyline Vegas style.

And the Statue of Liberty surrounded by palm trees. It’s a whole different world here.

Palm Trees? Where's the snow?
One of the many characters we saw while walking up the boulevard.
Read the Sign
Also saw Superman, Batman and one of many Michael Jacksons. Wake me up I must be dreaming.

Then we went to the M & M Experience. I wanted to get a #18 M & M t-shirt. They didn’t have any! One of the clerks took pity on me and gave me a Kyle Busch cardboard cut out – I love it. Me, my cutout and Red.
Also got to look over the car.
Doesn’t take much to make me happy. Yesterday the burros and today the M & M car.

Went out to dinner with our son and wife-to-be. Really enjoyed that. Tomorrow they get married.

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