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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy day yesterday and didn't get anything done!

It is good to be home. But I wish it was a week from now and everything post trip was done.

Willie in Joplin with his antennas back on. Sure makes him easier to find in parking lots. Just look for the ribbons.
The trip from Joplin, MO to home was uneventful – except for the miles driven 530 and the hours it took – nine with a stop for gas and lunch. Sure glad we gassed up in Missouri – saw on the news this morning that regular in Indianapolis hit 4.59 overnight. We also gassed up Willie yesterday at just under four dollars a gallon at Sam’s Club.
The first sight of Home as we came around the last corner. Kind of blurry – too many bugs on the windshield. There shouldn't be any left between here and Joplin!
Walked around the house and took some pictures – the violets
Are these jonquils or daffodils? Or something else? Any way they grow wild all over the yard.
Redbud and dogwood.
Looking down over the hill – lots of redbuds and dogwoods there and even water in the little creek way at the bottom.
Looking toward the north – lots of fishes in the pond.
We’ve only unloaded the essentials (computer, coffee, tea, chips) from Alfie – going to do it a little bit at a time. Really….Bought a bug bomb and set it off in him last night. Now we need to air it out before going in there again.
We spent a good part of yesterday running around and only half accomplished anything. First to the bank to replace the ATM card we misplaced over the winter. No problems with it – just need a new one. Will take up to two weeks. Also have to fill out a form and bring it back before it will be issued.
Went to the motor vehicle dept. to get replacement license plate for Willie. No problem. In fact we can even get the same plate number/name. But first we have to have a form filled out by the police – in Mexico??? No the police here. So over to Sherriff’s department. No officers were in – they were all out at a fire [small department]. Had to go back later. We went back later and were there for almost an hour. More forms being filled out. And have to go back today with a copy of the police report from Mexico – hope someone reads Spanish. Then we’ll have to go back to motor vehicle dept with completed forms.
Checked out the YMCA. They have a real nice gym, sauna, pool and steam room. Bill is going to sign up as soon as he has a physical and okay from Doc. Doc appointment is set up for next week. No problems just a follow up he should have had months ago.
Then into Columbus, 20 miles away to go grocery shopping, eat lunch and visit friends.
Bought a wireless adapter at Wal*Mart and we have the MiFi set up on both PCs now and it works like a dream. So much faster than HughesNet and it shouldn’t be bothered by the weather. I can even use my laptop downstairs. Haven’t tried it in the basement workrooms yet.
Still have to go through a six inch stack of mail. Ugh – hate doing that.
We were supposed to get a storm last night but it looks like we just got sprinkles. Have to laugh when we were in Arizona and it was snowing around us it was 85 degrees here. Now that we are home there are frost warnings. Just got to the very low 60s yesterday. Everyone is telling us to go back and take the cold with us.
Some of the blooming trees on the road towards home.

Time to get busy doing something - tackling the mail I guess. Opening windows in Alfie and back to town with filled out forms.


  1. Looks like you got back in time for all the spring flowers. I especially love your last picture. Take it easy; you have plenty of time to get Alfie unloaded. Great news about your new wifi set-up.

  2. The flowers in question are daffodils...they have bloomed and gone here in TN. So glad ya'll are home safe :) Now it seems that you have so much running to do and it will seem endless but do take time to enjoy the spring flowers.