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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Very Quick Update

We have been running most of the day - got a few things 1/2 accomplished. Got a bug bomb for Alfie - will set off tomorrow or later tonight.
I'll write more in a little bit but I want to take some pictures first - right now I'm just checking to make sure the MiFi works with my PC. Had to install a wireless adapter But all is fine - Add CALL HughesNet to list - I bet they make it hard to stop their service.  Still have a big stack of mail to go through and lots of phone calls to return and make.
Did get my newspaper started again - It will be delivered starting next Tuesday - only comes out once a week.
Went to motor vehicle department - then to sherriff office - and have to go back to both tomorrow to get plate replaced on Willie - I'll be back later or first thing tomorrow a.m.

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