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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Made it to Las Cruces, NM

Wednesday a.m.
Pretty darn cool here in Las Cruces, NM. We are getting ready to get on our way. There is decent dry weather that we will be chasing east for a few days.
We left Amado yesterday morning about 10:00 and got to Las Cruces at 6:00 – but had a time change in there – now into Daylight Savings Time. It was a 304 mile day. We’d planned on stopping in Lordsburg for the day but after getting gas and eating lunch The Driver decided to push on.
Lots and lots of snow on the mountains around us but the road was dry and clear. Some wind in places.

Got our first diesel shock - $4.25 – going to be an expensive trip home. Have about 1450 miles to go.
About the only exciting thing on the trip was watching some of the NASCAR haulers pass us heading for California. This is Ryan Newmans
Got the last pull through in the RV park here and wouldn’t you know it has a tree that kept the TV from locking on. So am hoping the info I got off the Internet about the weather is good.
Today we are planning on stopping in Roswell, NM again. From there either further north to Clovis or east to Lubbock – depends a lot on the weather.
Been on the road for 160 days – that’s long enough – it will be nice to be home.
Until later.....

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