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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another day in Paradise about to Begin

Wednesday a.m.

Sun is up and it is warming up outside. Going to be another nice day.
Yesterday we went out by the construction on MX15 and found a good detour around it. For both going south and coming back. Then went to an Auto Zone and got a plain black spare tire cover for Willie. Then on to the grocery store where I actually got a nice firm head of iceberg lettuce for about 5 cents US – but my Häagen Dazs – cost around $10. Red, orange and yellow peppers are about 48 cents each – going to stock up on them and freeze them for cooking.
Then back to RV. Later in the day there was a pizza party here. Everyone got together up front and visited. Had Dominoes Pizza delivered – just like home. Most everyone else here is from Canada. Some are settled in for the winter and some are just passing through. One couple who comes every winter to stay here – they have an Airstream - even brought a regular washing machine with them.
Doing a lot of reading and not doing the walking I said I would do. Gad I’m lazy.
Has anyone else been reading Tioga and George blog lately? He’s had quite a time of it since he got back in Mexico. That’s why we drive the toll roads and stay in RV parks. Try to avoid putting ourselves in a situation where we could find trouble. Well except for Willie’s adventure. That won’t happen again.
No plans for today – except to maybe find the used book store downtown.
After posting this I put a load of laundry in and we walked - yes walked - across the street to the lovely Torres hotel for breakfast in their beachside restaurant. Bill said his ham and cheese omelett was excellent. And the view is great.
Now we are waiting for a visit from Angelica and for the laundry to finish.

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  1. So glad to hear you are reading Tioga George and making sensible choices while still enjoying your adventures. I know bad things can happen anywhere but George takes some real unnecessary risks.