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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Got a new WiFi connection

Wednesday a.m.
Monday night I mentioned we went  into San Blas for dinner but didn’t say anything about walking around the plaza. There was a big decorated Christmas tree there.
And lots of vendors selling local crafts and toys and toys and toys. Some of the handmade jewelry is really nice.
George bought himself a shell necklace and a Huicholi woven bracelet.
Carol helping George fix his bracelet
We got a beautiful hand carved iron wood lion. Our Christmas present to ourselves – well that and the telcel WiFi  device. More about that later.
John, the Vendor and Bill
Yesterday morning Bill moved wrong and his leg paid him back for being so busy the last few days. It REALLY paid him back. So no real plans but resting for yesterday. Only did one thing. We went into San Blas to the telcel (Mexican cell phone) store to get an aircard. Our satellite just won’t work here for some reason – phone doesn’t work here on the beach – works fine in town but I need to be near the satellite control boxes when I call for help. So until we get back to Mazatlan no Stanley. The whole store was about 10 x 10 but they had lots of stuff in there.
We had to pay 699 Pesos for it about US$45 for the device itself. And they had a special running where we got one month free service. 6GB of time. After the first month it will be about US$40 for the time per month. It took over an hour to get it activated so we walked around town for a while. There are food carts everywhere – selling all kinds of stuff.
We walked towards the central market – the actual interior of the market here is pretty small – mostly places to eat. These are bundles of corn husks for tamales.
But outside of it in the street are all the stands with all kinds of stuff. This one sells shirts and blouses.
This one fresh shrimp and lobster.
The man on the right drove up on his ATV and untied this big fish to sell it to this stand. It took them a while to wrestle it up on to the scale – then the scale broke from the weight! It is a species of tuna. Fresh caught that morning. The fisherman left with his money the vendor put the fish in a big ice chest to sell later.
Bill went into the hardware store and bought himself a machete for 59 Pesos – about US$4.30. Boys toys.
Across the street there were plants for sale. Lots of seasonal ones.  
More fish for sale.
Back to the telcel store to get our card. So we’re all set for at least a month. The only problem is only one of us can be on line at a time.
Stopped and bought some more banana bread on the way home.
The rest of the day we just lazed out and visited with our neighbors. Watched TV and read some.
Not much else going on around here. Our Idaho friends have left to go visit friends in LoDeMarcos for a couple of days.  
Today we are thinking about going to Tepic for the day. We’ll see.

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