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Friday, December 2, 2011

Drive to Mazatlan

Friday a.m.
I’m a little slow here in catching up but wanted to share all those pictures of Yavaros life. So any way back to Wednesday when we left Huatabampito (won’t be able to write that word again for a while.)
We actually wanted to leave early but the fog came in again and was very thick. We finally hooked up at 9:30 – this is looking towards the other RVs parked there.
The road out of town. Still lots of fog – we were hoping it was just at the coast but it went quite a ways inland.
Luckily these cows stayed off the road as we didn’t see them until we were passing them. The joys of driving in Mexico.
Took us about an hour to drive the 30 miles from the beach to the main road Mexico 15D. We knew we were there when we saw the shoe store on the corner.
The first hundred or so miles the highway goes through several small towns. The towns now have vibradores to slow traffic down. I guess the big topes – speed bumps – didn’t do the job. Vibradores are small speed bumps that look like lines painted in the road. But if you don’t slow way way way down by the time you go over 15 to 20 of them spaced about six to ten feet apart you are vibrating all the way to your teeth fillings.
You never are sure until you are going over them if they are bumps or just painted lines.
Near Cuilacan there are miles and miles of tomato fields. Now the fields have porta potties sitting throughout them. Here are some tomatoes being picked.
We drove 360 miles from the beach to Mazatlan – mostly on Mexico 15D the Autopista- toll road. The first half wasn’t too expensive because the road was going through the towns. The other side of Cuilacan it became the Maxipista – maxi for more money! And the road was beautiful. Big divided highway with wonder of wonders big shoulders.
One of the toll booths. Cost us in US dollars 72 for the day for 300 miles on main road. Mostly the charges were the same as last year. At one we didn’t get charged for the car only Alfie. The booth entrance was so narrow I don’t think the girl could see the car.
A lot of this part of the highway was under construction too. Lots of sophisticated machinery being used.
But these guys are using shovels to throw the asphalt onto the road.
There are more and more and bigger gas stations along the way. Most have separate pump islands for diesel – makes it easier to fuel up. And they pump the fuel. Even have guys that wash your windshields. And more and more of the stations take credit cards now. Four years ago hardly any did.
Because we got such a late start we were concerned about reaching Mazatlan before dark – really don’t like to drive after dark in the motorhome here. We pulled into the Las Jaibas RV Park at 4:30. By the time we were settled in the sun was setting. We’ve stayed here the last four years so know everyone. We have a decent 30amps and are in the back part of the park kind of by ourselves – though another 5th wheel came back here too. Glad we have the satellite as there is no park WiFi. The water here is city water and good to drink. We paid for a month but will probably split the time up. About US 15.50 a day. Except for one other rig from Indiana everyone is from Canada.
After we settled in we went out to dinner at Fat Fish. We went there a lot last year for their wonderful ribs. A complete meal for two – salad, bread, baked potato and a whole slab of ribs (two complete meals) 160 pesos – Less than 12 dollars US.
With our tummies full we drove out to the Historic District to say Hello to a friend then back to Alfie for a good nights sleep.
Yesterday we ran errands. First dropped off a couple of pairs of Bill’s jeans to have  them shortened. Then to the Historic District
where we parked in our favorite lot – it was full when we got there but the attendant waved us in and made room. While parked there Willie got a good bath. He was so dirty. Now he is shiny and pretty.
Then we went to the watchmaker and Bill got a new battery for his favorite watch. They are hard to find in the states. Then to the optometrist so he could order new prescription sunglasses to replace the ones taken out of Willie. We can pick them up today – bifocals – less than 40 dollars US.
From there to the central market where we got a nice wool blanket for the car (also a replacement.) 
Then over to Plaza Machado for to sit a while and sip sodas at Beach Burger and watch the people go by. The owner of the restaurant came out and gave us big hugs and said she was wondering when we would get here.
Also visited an artist friend of Bills and talked about leather.
While we were driving around a car pulled up next to us honking. It was our dear friend Angelica. She saw us drive by and caught up to us. So we visited with her later.
Kind of like coming home.
So now I am caught up to date.

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