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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little black burro video -Videos from Mazatlan

Saturday morning
Another shorts and t-shirt day is in the making. Just saw this clip on the Internet
            LOS ANGELES -- A gunman walked down the middle of a street in the
heart of Hollywood Friday, firing on passing cars and wounding a driver before
                                               police shot and killed him.
Guess tourists shouldn’t visit Hollywood either. Nobodys been shot at in Mazatlan while walking down the street.
Yesterday we went way inland where it was really warm, well for me anyway, to the town of Copala. Very tiny secluded village. But more on that later.
Right now I don’t feel like writing so I’m just going to post some teasers in the way of videos taken here in Mazatlan the last few days.
And around the corner we came across this sculptor working on a piece.
The building he is working in front of is an old art gallery that is being reopened hopefully sometime this month. He is working on restoring a lot of the pieces that were left to fall apart. The building inside was very interesting to look at.
We went back to the main Plaza to look at the Christmas scenes again and while we were there the little black burro got out of his enclosure to visit with the people. Watch the grandfather try to put the baby on the burros back –neither baby or burro seemed to be interested.

And then Thursday night we went to Plaza Machado for dinner and to listen to a free concert. The band was from Argentina and were playing older music.
Have lots of stuff to write about and lots of pictures to add – later today. Have to do a load of laundry now and later this aft we have to find a TV to watch “The Soccer” game El Classico between Real de Madrid and Barcelona. A relative of a friend of ours manages a sports bar/pizza place on the Marina and he said they will have it on TV.
Oops the music video will have to wait I forgot it is on the phone and needs to be downloaded into the laptop. And for some reason our lovely HughesNet is working very very very slow today.

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