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Monday, December 19, 2011

We are in Aticama camped at El Chaco RV

Monday a.m.
Our last night, Saturday, in Mazatlan we went to the Plaza Machado for dinner. I actually had a pretty good steak – New York – and Bill had chicken stuffed with mushrooms and cheese. A kind of fancy dinner for us. While there watched another girl have pictures taken for her 15th birthday and listened to music. She looked so pretty.
Got up early Sunday morning – before it was light to get ready to roll. As we were heading towards the toll road the sun was coming up.
Mazatlan Sunrise in December
We did not have to take the detour to go through the construction area. They have enough done and there was no problem.
Once on the Autopista it was a fine ride. Almost like being in California – I really mean that – six out of every vehicles that passed us had California license plates on them. And most of them were loaded with stuff. This is a small load.
Cost us US$64 in tolls for 120 miles of the toll road– one of the more expensive sections.
BUT..then we turned off on to the Highway 74 that leads down the hill into San Blas. We drove it last year but we were in Jennie and it didn’t seem too bad. It is a VERY narrow highway with lots of vegetation growing right up to it.
This is the beginning of the highway – the sign says it is a road of low speed. No kidding.  As long as no other vehicle was around we could drive down the middle of it. Actually we drove down the middle of it without even trying we're just that big. We first took this road in 1978 and it was even narrower then if possible. Read about that here. http://www.movingon1.com/sanblas.html
Here are some of the trees growing over the road. Lots of curves too. One of the biggest concerns was the low hanging branches and the branches that scraped the side of Alfie. I did my part to help The Driver – I leaned to the left and held my breath.
We finally made it to the El Chaco campground in Aticama. Here we are parked.
You’ll notice that Stanley the satellite dish isn’t up. For some reason he does not want to lock on to the satellite so no Internet from him. Will fool around with it today to see if we can get it working. Right now I am using our friends TelCell internet card. The campground also has WiFi but need to go to the office to use it.
Tioga and George are parked here too. So we all went into San Blas to go to the Social Club for lunch and found out the kitchen is closed on Sundays – poop – But then found a really nice place called Mike McDonalds Restaurant and Bar. Very good food. And the best guacamole I’ve ever eaten.
On the way back to the RV we stopped and bought banana bread. It is so good. That is George in the flowered shirt.
buying Banana Bread in San Blas, Mexico
And miracle of miracles we have TV!!!! 400 channels. Our friend John had an extra receiver box for his satellite TV so he hooked us up to it. Oh Goody – news.
We are still chasing those darned moths. We think they are all gone and then one flies by our face. They either live a long time or breed quick.
The sunset here last night. One of the prettier ones we’ve seen here.
While here at the beach our phone doesn’t work – so email it is. It works if we are in town but don’t go there often. 
Well another day in Paradise - no plans yet but hopefully Bill has recovered from the busy day yesterday. He was really tired last night. I could even hear it in his voice. That road was a bitch! But think we found an easier way out - will check it out.  

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