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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Day - The early part of the Day

Christmas Day
Merry Christmas to All – especially our family and close friends. You may not be next to us but you are with us in our hearts.
This is kind of a long blog because we had a very interesting day yesterday - Christmas Eve day.
In the morning we went into San Blas to the farmer’s market - a tianguis - that is held every Saturday at the old closed airport. It is a pretty big one – runs all the down the long runway with vendors on both sides.
They have all kinds of stuff for sale. Lots of clothes and toys of course this being the day before Christmas. Want a colorful bra?
Or how about some beautiful Christmas flowers?
Several produce stands and this one that specialized in beans and stuff in burlap sacks.
One whole section was devoted to crafts. Lots of stuff for embroidery. Carol, our friend from Idaho, bought some needles so she can work on her embroidery.
Zippers – couldn’t resist the picture – so colorful. And lots of yarn available too.
Of course food, lots and lots of food available. George had a taco de cabeza ( head taco.) This stand was selling hamburgers and hot dogs. Sure lots of good smells around.
This man was peddling his bike around and is selling fish out of the red bucket. Saw him later and the bucket was empty.
Caps of every color for sale.
Fireworks. Christmas is celebrated by shooting off fireworks at midnight. And during the day.
Another food cart – don’t know what they are selling. Bill wasn’t sure what it was either.
And I didn’t buy anything! Bill got a small tool and a couple of items for his leather work. Carol and John bought some produce and she got a little fake Christmas tree and decorations for it. It was fun. Lots of color, good cooking smells and noise. Excited children and harried adults.
Later in the afternoon we went back into San Blas to see the vendors set up around the main plaza area. I had seen something I wanted there. Driving into town we passed a lot of restaurants that sell grilled? smoked? fish and lobsters.  No my cup of tea.
After parking we headed right for the churro man. Delicious! The dough waiting to be cooked.
Squirting the dough into the oil.
All done and ready to be dipped in sugar.
The Huicholi Indian vendor we went to see.  I love their clothes. We asked one man last year how long it took to make his outfit. He told us it took his wife almost a year to make one outfit. Shirt, pants and bag. This year we asked how they managed to keep them so white and the embroidery so bright. He said his wife washes it by hand and uses a special soap. A yellow bar soap.
Some of his exquisite work. Right in the middle of the picture is part of a tiny Nativity Scene that Bill was buying for me.  It is so beautiful.
The whole set under our Christmas tree. I wonder how many hours it took to make it. The biggest piece is about 2 and 1/4 inches tall. There are 14 pieces. I LOVE IT!
He is so sweet to me.
I'm going to break this into two separate posts as we are going into town for a little bit. Will finish about the party last night when we get home.

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